Does Your Company Perform Routine Backups?

Do you know if there was a problem with your data backup?

Is your business at risk because desktop and laptop data is not backed up often enough?

Would you be able to retrieve critical data and applications if your server failed or became otherwise inaccessible?

"Prior to Clarity Connecttm, we had problems with tapes, which sometimes wouldn't work properly and sometimes weren't compatible with recovery systems. Now, with Clarity Connecttm, off-site backup and recovery is foolproof."

Emrich Stellar, Stellar Financial Advisors

"Our experience with Clarity Connecttm regarding our backups has been absolutely phenomenal. Our data is not only safe and secure, but easily accessible for last minute restores."

Shawn Gilfillan, Automotive Magic

To fully protect your company’s data assets, you need to backup all of your systems. Clarity Connecttm offers data backup and recovery services for servers as well as desktops and laptops.

Desktop & Laptop Data Backup Service

The Clarity Connecttm data backup solution for desktops and laptops enables the instant retrieval of lost or damaged files. It works in the background using minimal resources, so that users can keep working while backups are running. Automatic, non-intrusive online backups can be scheduled to run at the most convenient times.
If users ever need to recover information — from a single file to an entire system — they can either contact Clarity Connecttm or access the data themselves anywhere/anytime. In the event of a full failure, organizations that are using managed desktop services from Clarity Connecttm will get all data restored as part of the monthly fee.

Benefits of Desktop Online Backup

Online data backup and online storage protects your data, minimizes business risk, and enables quick, painless recovery of lost or damaged data. Specific benefits of online backup and online storage include:

  • Automatic protection of desktops and laptops
  • Eliminated risk of data loss
  • Reduced storage requirements with data reduction technologies
  • Easy recovery by any user, any time, from anywhere, thus saving valuable user and IT time

Desktop Data Backup Features
Automatic Data Backup. Clarity Connecttm automatic, non-intrusive workstation data backup and online storage occurs without IT intervention. The daily backup encrypts and stores the data at the Clarity Connecttm Network Operations Center, which is a secured, enterprise-class data center. The data backup service works as follows:Scans the hard disk

  • Applies data reduction
  • Compresses data
  • Encrypts data
  • Connects and sends data over the Internet to a secured, data center
  • Disconnects and displays log of files successfully backed up as well as any failures

Rapid Data Recovery by Users Themselves. When users need to recover their data, they can either ask Clarity to do the data restoration.
In the event of a full failure, organizations that are using managed desktop services from Clarity Connecttm will get all data restored as part of the monthly fee.
Advanced Security. Clarity Connecttm online backup provides the highest levels of security available.

  1. All data is encrypted at the desktop, using government-level 128-bit, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Enterprise data remains encrypted both during transmission and in storage.
  2. Data is stored at Clarity’s Data Center.
  3. Clarity’s enterprise-class data center features comprehensive physical security, UPS, and fire protection systems.

Server Backup and Recovery Service

Clarity offers server backup and recovery as a component of the server management service.

With Clarity’s server data storage and recovery services, all of the data on your organization’s servers is backed up to a secure offsite facility, eliminating problems inherent in faulty media, costly maintenance, unsecured data, and unreliable recovery. You will have access to lost data, as well as any data that becomes corrupted on your servers—provided that the corrupted file was backed up at some point, of course.

All data on all of your servers will be backed up as part of Clarity Connecttm fully managed service, unless you prefer otherwise.

As a practice for the fully managed service, Clarity Connecttm backs up 13 versions – 7 daily, 3 weekly and 3 monthly. Your server data will be stored on a fault tolerant, expandable storage area network (featuring RAID 5 disk array with hot swappable spare drives).

Benefits of Server Backup

Exceptional service and support. Not only will you have engineering support in the installation process, but you will also have access to this experienced team of engineers for support on data backup issues, including failed data backups and restoration of data.

Peace of mind. There’s no need to worry about losing your data. Server backups are done automatically and regularly.. Should there be a server data backup failure for any reason, you are quickly notified. And in the event a server fails or becomes otherwise inaccessible, you will have the ability to restore the server from data backups completed on the failed device.

Keep your Data Safe and Always Available

For complete protection and peace of mind, Clarity recommends a three-pronged approach to securing confidential information on laptops and desktops:
offsite data backup

Protect your mission-critical information and make it accessible in case of any unforeseen business interruption or accidental loss.

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Clarity Systems Consulting Group, Inc.


Affordable Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

You are not alone. Most small businesses function in the ‘we change tapes every night’ protection level. Less than 1% can confidently say “we can recover a server in an hour.”

You can afford to protect all the way to we can be up and running in 24 hours if a disaster wipes out the building.

With Clarity Connecttm, you can be protected all the way to a “10″…

What Happens if my Server Crashes?

Because our backup solution is more than just a backup unit sitting at your company, you have full support from Dedicated IT in the event of a server crash. You would pick up the phone call our dedicated support team. Our team would begin the restoration process for you at no additional charge. Within one hour, our backup system will have taken over for your server and will allow your employees to continue working as if nothing happened.

At this point, our team will determine whether your current server can be repaired or needs to be replaced. All data will be migrated back from our backup system to your new (or repaired) server. Again, for no additional charge.

How am I Protected from Catastrophe?

Optionally, you may elect to have a copy of all of the data that is on the backup unit sent off-site to our redundant data centers. If a disaster results in a total loss to your office, a new unit will be shipped next-day air to anywhere in the US. Plug the new backup unit in and your servers will be usable exactly the way they were prior to the catastrophe.

How do I Know it is Working?

One of the biggest problems with your current backup system is that you have no way of knowing whether it is working each night and whether you will actually be able to recover if you need to. The backup system is monitored daily to ensure that data is being received from your server in a reliable format. Each month, we test the backup system as if there was a server failure (and site failure if you elected for offsite backup) just to make sure it’s working properly.