Small Business Bundle Information

Designed and Proven for Small Business

The Clarity Connecttm Small Business Support Bundle is all about simplicity. You know you need IT support, but you’re not sure exactly how much it is that you need. We’ve taken the most important services that we offer and combined them into simple to understand package that has everything that a small business needs to be successful.

Included in the Small Business Support Bundle:

  • Network Support Services - Clarity Connecttm Complete
  • A Backup System that Actually Works - Clarity Connect Backup
  • Enterprise Antivirus Client - Clarity Connecttm KES
  • Internet Monitoring and Protection - Clarity Connecttm Internet Management
  • SPAM and Virus Email Protection - Clarity Connecttm SpamMeNot

Network Support Services - Clarity Connecttm Complete
You will have unlimited access to our US-based help desk Monday-Friday from 8AM to 7PM EST. This includes remote support and onsite support. Our help desk is made up of all different levels of technicians and engineers. Our entry-level help desk technicians have at least two years of experience supporting Microsoft Windows desktops for small businesses. Our top-level engineers have been in the industry on average ten years and can solve nearly anything that you throw at them.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your network 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The NOC team is looking for anything that seems abnormal about your network. They can detect things like a hard drive that needs to be replaced, a file server that is running out of disk space or an email server that is in need of maintenance. Because our NOC is 24 x 7, many of the actions that we will take on your behalf can be completed after hours, so that it does not affect your business.

A Backup System that Acutally Works (Clarity Connecttm Backup)
The backup system will be installed onsite in the same room as your servers. A backup of your servers will be completed as often as every 15 minutes. Our NOC monitors the backup system 24 x 7 to ensure that all backups complete successfully. The system will be tested regularly. Random files will be restored on a monthly basis to make sure that small restorations can be completed. Quarterly, a test that simulates the entire server failing is completed. To protect against data loss associated to natural disasters, fire and theft, the ability to store a copy of all backup data offsite is available for an additional monthly charge. (read more about our backup solution here)

Internet Monitoring and Protection (Clarity Connecttm Internet Management)
It is critical to have visibility and control of your small business’s Internet connection. Without the proper monitoring and protection, security and cash flow can be hurt. You can prevent employees from wasting company time and malicious websites from installing spyware and viruses. Additionally, it’s possible to reduce your Internet bills each month by prioritizing applications. This way, people watching live streaming video do not slow down your business applications. (read more about our internet monitoring solution here)

SPAM and Virus Email Protection (Clarity Connecttm SpamMeNot)
One of the best things about Clarity Connecttm Spam Me Not is that it just works. With a 99% success ratio for blocking SPAM and very few false positives. The other great thing about it is that it’s a hosted solution, which means that you never have to buy expensive hardware or install software, you know another mouth to feed.

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